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About Dota Edge

Dota edge was designed to give players, both experienced and new, an idea of what Hero counters another Hero. With so many playable characters in the game, this choice can be critical but also confusing. In order to use this website, begin by selecting heroes that the enemy team has picked. Dota Edge does not require you to select a full team but will build you a counter list based on how many heroes you submit, the more the better the picks. The system uses a counter rating, values ranging from 1 (being a weak counter) to 5 (being a strong counter), and returns the sum total of your selections, subtracting counters if the enemy team has any counters to your counter (a mouthful I know!).

Don't see your favorite counter in the list? Add him by using the submit counter link at the bottom of the page! Don't forget to rate counters as they are presented to you based on your knowledge or experience. We have seeded the list, but the community will make it whole.

All images not created explicitly for this website are a trademark of valve.

Disclaimer: this website will not ensure any type of victory, good players will still beat lesser players even while at an extreme disadvantage.


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